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This is a Home Appliance service center. It is door Step Service Center in Vizag. We are provided all types of refrigerators like double Door, Single Door, and Side-By-Side. This is service center technicians 10 experience and practical knowledgeable persons Samsung Refrigerator Service Center in Srinagar , Vizag Our service center having Excellent Service Engineers who can Repair any product in very little time. Our Dedicated & Experienced technician will Visit Your Place and complete your services within 24 hours. Our service is the best for the home appliance. Repair and service center provides you best repairing and servicing at a nominal price. We provide service all types of refrigerator Common Problem Complex defrosting, Light in the refrigerator, Sounds high and Compressor issues.

Common problems in Refrigerator

Relay and OLP damage:-

This is because of power fluctuations and compressor damage.


Bulks of ice formation are seen leads to failure of the entire unit.


It is the main part used for the refrigeration cycle. If it is damaged entirely

The unit does not function properly.

Fan motor:-

Failure of motor leads to improper temperature supply.

Gas leakage:-

Due to gas leakage fridge does not work.

Evaporator damage:-

The damage of the evaporator leads to gas leaking and varies in the cooling of the unit.

PCB (power circuit board):-

The problem in PCB creates a disturbance in power on; some units do not work properly.

Defective bulb:- Food or items inside the fridge is invisible.

Types of services we offer are:

General Service:-

The refrigerator is a continuous working device to keep your food fresh and safe for consumption Samsung Refrigerator Customer Care in Vizag Samsung Refrigerator Service Center in Srinagar , Vizag If you are facing leaking, not cooling, overcooling, noise/disturbance, clogged drains then it’s time for servicing your fridge.

Refrigerator Repairs:-

We do all repairs and replace the damaged/burnt spare parts with new ones.

Gas charging /refilling:-

If gas is exhausted when pipes, the evaporator is damaged or filter and pipes clogged, we refill the gas at a reasonable cost.

Our technicians visiting charge Rs.350/ and 90 days warranty. We are here provided door step service center and out of warranty service center in Vizag. We are having 100% of visiting technician warranty and Samsung Refrigerator Service Center in Srinagar , Vizag we are provided only company sapper parts we have 3 months warranty door-door step service our global techno service center we are one of the trusted brand services to our customer we can there for you within 1 hour we have the best support from our customer for our service well-educated technician are there in our service center we are very intelligent in this field we are very top in this service center. Technicians will contact you before their appearance at your door. Smallest service charges with 100% customer satisfaction

Samsung refrigerator: 

This is a home appliance service center in Vizag we are providing all types of refrigerators like single door, double door, side by side. vWe are expert in this filed if you are seeing a problem with your refrigerator the refrigerator is one of the main appliances in every home it maintains some functions in summer it is very important for our home (fridge) families and small general store fruits vegetables at only one temperature only one door same door with a small separate they provide freezer.

Problem in refrigerator

Problems in ice making:

 It may require the replacement of the part. Then there is a problem in ice making

Motor. Technicians can fix it with new ones.

The refrigerator is not working:

 If a refrigerator suddenly stops working there might be a problem with the electronic control board. The wiring inside the board may repair. The technicians will solve it perfectly.

Leaking water from the refrigerator:

 This occurs when there is a problem with the defrost thermostat. Once check the thermostat if it requires replacement.

Warm refrigerator:

 It occurs when the user forgets to close the door and continues opening the door. These types’ problems are the main leads of leaking gas. It requires the refilling of gas by technicians.

Types of the refrigerator:

Single door:

The single door refrigerators are the first refrigerator in every brand. It contains less capacity of storage it is suitable for small problems vegetables at one temperature only one door in temperature because of the old model the refrigerator contains any automatic  functions

Double door:

 In the double door refrigerator, we can store our favorites’ foods items cold temperature in their stay fresh store the food items.

Side by side:

 The evaporator fan motorcycles the cold air from the compartment, if there is only one evaporator refrigerator is not cool enough there might consider being defective.

Our service

We have a well-experienced service technician to solve any kind of problems which you are facing with your home appliance book a service in our administration located in Vizag In the comfort of the homes not at more twist in the city looking for good and dependable refrigerator administration the focus in Vizag we are having 100% of visiting technician charge 350/one-month warranty and we are provided only company spare  parts we have 3 months warranty door-door step service center out warranty service center we are the refrigerator must be installed by a professional or qualified person its service agent or similarly qualified persons into order 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience our service takes responsibility for fixing your trouble right at your home we take up installation refrigerator

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